The BMW M4 GTS is and will always be a rare car. With only 700 units to be made and just 300 making their way to the US, everyone wants one of these beasts and while the price might seem like a big hurdle to jump over, that didn’t stop the guys from BMW Car Club of America from offering one up as the grand prize of their annual raffle.

The 493 HP beast costs $134,200 MSRP and can be won by basically anyone that signs up for the raffle. The race car is offered thanks to a collaboration with BMW USA. The deadline is September 15 and you’ll have to pay $25 for each ticket. Fortunately, there’s no limit on how many tickets you can buy so if you want to have a bigger chance at winning this thing, you can buy more tickets.

bmw cca

The other prizes put up for grabs are also interesting. The first prize is a BMW M2 decked out with M Performance parts. The price tag of the M2 therefore rose from the $52,695 MSRP to $65,318 thanks to the $12,623 spent on the carbon fiber front splitter and rear spoiler, the rear diffuser, aero flaps and M Performance steering wheel, among others.

One car will be offered for every 5,000 tickets bought but you could also win a BMW M235i if you purchase a Car of Your Dreams Raffle ticket during one of the upcoming special drawing periods. The M235i however, will be stock, with a MSRP price of $45,145 but even so, it’s not a bad deal, considering you can win it with a $25 ticket.