While the BMW M2 is a sensational car, calling it perfect is a difficult thing to do. That’s not a knock on the M2, but perfection, really. No car is perfect and every car has at least one flaw. But cars can be perfect for certain things, like grand touring or hauling children or…being fun. The BMW M2 is the perfect sports car for the latter. At least according to The Verge.

In their review, three testers get to sample a six-speed manual BMW M2 on the track up at Monitcello Motor Club and all come away with the same reaction, despite all three drivers having very different skill sets. One driver is a relative novice when it comes to track driving and typically doesn’t drive sports cars. Another is more used to motorcycles on the track and the third has years of experience with testing sports cars on and off the track. However, despite their differences in experience and skill level, each and every one of them was able to get in the M2 and have a damn good time.


That’s a very important aspect of a proper M car. The BMW M cars of yore were cars that were excellent for rookies and even better for pros. They were cars that even a novice could get in a drive hard without fearing for their life, but if an experience driver got in they could really push it to its limits and have some proper fun. This is demonstrated here, as all three drivers leave the car with a massive grin on their faces even though they all drove it differently.

The BMW M2’s 365 hp 3.0 liter turbocharged I6 engine has just the perfect amount of power to be fast and fun without being scary. Its six-speed manual is one of BMW’s best, with the seven-speed DCT also being pretty excellent. But the chassis is what really does it. It’s very approachable and allows anyone to get in and realize just how quickly they can drive. It’s not a car with a high learning curve, but a car that feels very drivable and usable. It’s a car that allows new drivers to have fun but rewards the experience drivers.

If you watch the accompanied video from The Verge, you’ll see that even the rookie is able to slide the back end around on the autocross circuit while only hitting a couple of cones. He gets out of the car excited, with a massive grin on his face. When the experience driver gets in, he’s able to easily slide the M2 around tight corners and really have some fun, he also gets out with a massive grin. So the BMW M2 is fun for everyone.


There’s no such thing as the perfect car. However, there is a perfect car for certain situations and the BMW M2 really is the perfect sports car for everyone.

[Source: The Verge]