BMW is one of the few brands that works hard at allowing its customers to customize their car and really tailor their purchase to fit their needs. The BMW Individual Program was sort of the first step in the direction for the brand, allowing buyers to choose paint colors or interior trim designs that aren’t normally available on the car and it allowed buyers to create whatever they wanted, really. However, BMW is going even further with its new #MyDrive program that targets millennials and their specific lifestyles and needs, hence the hashtag in the name.

Rachel Rudwall, adventure traveler


The idea is that millennials want a car that is very in-tune with their lifestyle, a reflection of their personality, something that they can use to help with their everyday lives. Let’s face it, millennials aren’t making their money in the traditional sense anymore, they’re going out and being adventurous and living exciting lifestyles. And while those lifestyles can lead to varying levels of success, the ones that do succeed would like to have a premium car that matches their lifestyle and personality. So BMW is there to provide that.

BMW’s Designworks team has worked very hard to try and get in touch with millennials to see what their needs might be and help adapt to them. So the Designworks team reached out to three different people who are large influences on millennials today and tried conceptualize one-of-a-kind cars that fit within their lifestyle. We’re not just talking new paint colors and cool stitching, Designworks actually created custom designs and entirely new functions for these three people so as to help them with their daily lives.

Jessica, fashion blogger, Bows and Sequins

One of them, Rachel Rudwall, who’s a world traveler and travel writer, needed fold down seats so she could sleep in he car if need be while on adventures throughout the country. She also had custom trim designed for her that matched the sort of rugged areas she’s used to traveling to. Jessica Sturdy is a fashion expert and blogger who requested a pull-out clothing rack in the back seat to store her latest items. Finally, Max Samis, founder of Mister Spoils, was given integrated WiFi and extra front-seat storage so that he can make his car a mobile office if need be, something he actually needs a lot as his business often puts him on road trips.

At the moment, each and every premium automaker is trying to figure out how to reach millennials, as they’re the new money and the new face of the automotive world. BMW is doing it, Audi is doing it and even Mercedes-Benz is doing it (albeit at a much slower pace than the other two). However, it seems that BMW is doing the most to stay in touch with millennials and tailor cars to their needs. BMW’s #MyDrive program does exactly that.