The new MINI Convertible is a fun car, we already established that during our test drives. However, it follows into its predecessor’s footsteps in a few key areas. Like any car with a retractable roof that folds in the boot area, the volume it offers for luggage isn’t all that great. Chip in the compact size of the MINI and you’re stuck with little to nothing for your bags.

So naturally that’s something that has been giving a bit of headache to the engineers over in Oxford. So how could you engineer a car to use all of the available space? Offering a completely removable roof as BMW did on some of its models back in the day wasn’t an option. Therefore, they had to be remarkably imaginative with the space. The video below shows you how to make the most out of your car.


For example, if you want to access the full height and width of your boot, you’ll need to raise the roof of the car. To do so, you need to open the boot, grab the Easy Load handles located on the sides and then pull them up, towards the roof’s base. Then you’ll be able to lift the roof’s base a little so that you can lower the handles back down and use them as props. By doing so, you’ll be able to raise the parcel shelf inside the boot.

Furthermore, you can fold the rear seats using two latches located in the trunk as well, for even more space. While it may seem like it doesn’t make a lot of a difference, the new Easy Load system will actually come in handy in a variety of situations, one of them exemplified by the second video posted below.