The new MINI Convertible is now available for orders throughout the US and among many new features, it comes with a pretty cool one – The Rain Warner App. Back in 2014 when the new MINI range was launched, the Brits also introduced a new infotainment system that’s largely based on BMW’s iDrive. The new system offers access to a plethora of new functions, including the optional MINI Connected XL Mate.

The app helps you with navigation tips but also with individual, tailored information about your trip. For example, the integrated app knows your preferred route, can notify you about upcoming meetings and even help you find a parking space. Another gimmick is its ability to do weather forecasts.


The rain warning app checks the forecast in the area you are heading towards and if the chance of precipitation is high enough and you’re riding with the top open, it will display a notification telling you that you might want to close shop.

That’s just one of the ways the new MINI Convertible is aiming at making technology work for you. We actually took the new model out for a spin earlier this year and found it quite enjoyable. We were impressed with how well it keeps its composure with similar driving dynamics as the hardtop model.

For the moment, the top of the line model you can get is the 189 HP Cooper S, but pretty soon we’ll be seeing the more hardcore John Cooper Works alternative on the streets.