Beijing Motor Show was the stage where BMW unveiled all of its latest creations, some of which were built specifically for the Chinese market. Apart from the long wheelbase BMW X1 though – that stole the show next to the 1 Series Sedan concept – the BMW M2 was also present and BMW wanted to showcase its prowess.

In order to do so, they put together a set of challenges the car should perform,to show the audience just how fast and agile it is in a variety of situations. The three challenges were dealt with easily but it’s worth pointing out that the people behind the wheel were BMW instructors. Even so, since the focus was on the cars, it seems only befitting to have the best drivers behind the wheel, that can squeeze every bit of performance out of them.


The M2 is now on sale in China, BMW’s largest single market in the world. For now, the U.S. is still the biggest market for M models and considering the price tag cars have in the Asia country, chances are it will remain this way for a long time. For example, the BMW M2 starts at 640,500 Yuan which adds up to about $98,000 at today’s exchange rate.

That’s a ludicrous amount of money by comparison, considering the same car costs at $51,700. Yet when you look at what the rest of the M line-up in China, you start realizing that this is actually the cheapest M car you can get, the M4 Coupe for example starts at $142,000. Leaving prices aside, let’s take a look at what the M2 is capable of in the right hands.