At its second appearance in China, the upcoming BMW F52 1 Series Sedan delivers a new look. The Concept Compact Sedan is featured at the BMW stand during the 2016 Beijing Motor Show wearing a new body color – Sunglow Metallic. The beautiful bronze color gives the future 1 Series sedan a more spectacular look and perfectly showcases the design lines of the eye-catching sedan.

The small four-door previews the upcoming 1 series compact, BMW’s first front-drive sedan. The concept car is built on the ULK front-wheel drive platform which also underpins the new X1. It rides on a long wheelbase with the C-Pillar sitting atop the rear wheels and shorter than BMW-typical front overhang.


When the 1-series eventually goes on sale, you can expect a range of turbocharged three- and four-cylinder engines. All-wheel drive will be optional, too.

BMW is expected to launch the 1 Series Sedan in 2017 and will take on the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class and Audi A3 sedan.

BMW-1er-Limousine-F52-Sunglow-Metallic-Peking-2016-10 BMW-1er-Limousine-F52-Sunglow-Metallic-Peking-2016-9 BMW-1er-Limousine-F52-Sunglow-Metallic-Peking-2016-1

[Photos: bmwmotorshowblog]