To stand out in a crow of BMW M3s, the owner of this F80 M3 decided to pick an individual finish for his sporty sedan. The finish choice is Azurite Black Metallic and many believe it’s one of the best looking dark finishes available on the market.

The exterior color shows a deep black in the shade and a unique combination of light blue and purple when hit by direct sunlight. Azurite Black also highlights the aggressive lines of the M3, but it’s a costly upgrade – owners must cough up $5,000 to get an individual finish for their vehicles.

Gorgeous Azurite Black Metallic BMW F80 M3 Project

Owner of this BMW M3 decided to enhance even more the personal appeal of his M3 by sending it to European Auto Source for some visual upgrades. These include the Macht Schnell Sport Competition Springs which offer an improved stance. The M3 is certainly one of those vehicles that doesn’t need a lot to shine.

Gorgeous Azurite Black Metallic BMW F80 M3 Project

Additionally, these iND parts were also added: iND painted kidney grille surrounds, a set of iND painted sidemarkers and the iND painted front reflectors. An M Performance rear spoiler gives the car an even sportier look.

The full project media gallery is available right below.