The BMW VISION NEXT 100 Concept  was unveiled last month for BMW’s 100th anniversary and it was shown in a few promotional videos. Now, BMW launches a 46-second TV ad featuring the highly futuristic concept driving alongside its siblings on an open road. The footage shows cars from throughout the history of the brand, including the iconic 2002, 507 Roadster, M1 and many, many others, turning into a real feast for BMW fans around the world.

The BMW VISION NEXT 100 was created to celebrate both the past and the future and show us what the Bavarians are trying to bring out in the next two or three decades. The goal behind the cool concept was to show the world that technology should be as intuitive as possible to operate and experience while the interactions between human, machine and surroundings to be seamless.

BMW VISION NEXT 100-images-29

And that’s a bigger issue than you may think. Recent studies show that the new technologies offered by manufacturers are useful but most owners might find them too difficult to use and might just prefer doing things the old fashion way instead. Engineering technologies that can be used as intuitively as possible may very well be the key for a drastic improvement in our quality of life in the future.

Let’s have a look.