Techno Classica is the world’s biggest specialist exhibition of its kind, allowing car enthusiasts around the world to gain a unique glimpse into the product range provided by various manufacturers over the years. BMW has been part of this expo for quite some time now, the Techno Classica 2016 edition being just one new page in the history of the brand.

Every year, the German manufacturer impresses with its pedigree and bespoke models brought out to be showcased in the limelight. This year, it will all be even more special since the Bavarians are also celebrating 100 years since the company was founded. Therefore, inside Hall 12 of the Essen exhibition you’ll find a review of the way the Munich-based giant viewed mobility across 100 years of existence.

BMW 02 Series
BMW 02 Series

Kicking off on April 6, Techno Classica will exhibit BMW and MINI models from as early as 1930 with a BMW 326 Convertible, a BMW 502 “Barockengell” from the post-war era, a saloon in the “New Class” and a BMW M1, right through to the forward-looking, futuristic BMW i8 sports car, to show us how far we have come. One of the main attractions will be the BMW 02 Series models showcased, since the legendary cars are now celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2016.

As usual, apart from showcasing BMW classic cars, Rolls-Royce and MINI models will also be present as well as products from the BMW Motorrad range, as you may expect. What you probably wouldn’t expect, is to see an airplane put up for display, at an auto show. However, that’s exactly what’s going to happen, the Bavarians wanting to basically float a Klemm L25 light aircraft above their exhibition in Hall 12, one of the first products ever made to feature the blue and white roundel.

The airplane features a BMW five-cylinder radial engine from back in the day when the Munich-based company used to make such contraptions. This is the result of some very impressing work done by the BMW Group Classic division that restored the machine built in 1927 which is now regarded as the oldest licensed aircraft in Germany.