Manhart Racing takes the new BMW X6 M to a whole new level. From its stock 560 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque, the Manhart MHX6 700 delivers – as you might have guessed – 700 horsepower and a massive 950 Nm of torque (700 lb-ft).

The super sporty SUV also gets a new set of wheels, some interior tweaks and a carbon fiber bonnet. The wheels installed on Manhart BMW X6M here are 22-inch Concave One models in silver and black finishes.

Inside, the tuning shop added yellow stitching and yellow-painted pieces of trim on the center console, the steering wheel and dashboard. The Manhart logo was also embossed on headrests.


The performance upgrade kit consists of an ECU remap coupled with a custom exhaust system with catless downpipes and Race version rear silencers.


A bright yellow engine cover adds the final touches on this project.


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