BMW Group Classic coordinates all the activities that are related to the company’s history, its name or its three brands, BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce are all coordinated by BMW Group Classic. BMW Group Classic integrates the museum, the archives, assistance for the press club and BMW Center, and manages the organization of specific events. BMW Group Classic collections are not only stored in the museum, but they are also displayed at various events across the globe. We first visited BMW Group Classic in 2011 where its location was within a few minutes from BMW Welt in Munich.

But this week, along with the BMW 100 years celebration, BMW Group Classic moves to a new building. Still close to the BMW Welt, the new location lays on the grounds where the first BMW foundation was built 100 years ago. The new location includes a historic gatehouse along with two separate buildings which host the largest historical BMW exhibit.


On this occasion, BMW has assembled numerous vehicles and exhibits from the long and successful history of the brand, and opened the doors to journalists from around the world. The milestones displayed at BMW Group Classic range from aircraft engines – like the BMW 132 A – to the legendary BMW R32 bike, BMW 328 Roadster and the Rolls-Royce Phantom.




Other important vehicles like the BMW 507 Roadster, the only-to-date BMW M supercar – the M1, the second generation BMW 7 Series luxury sedan and the first BMW X5 are also displayed.


Representing the main achievements in motorsport were also a BMW V12 LMR and a BMW M3 E30 with countless racing victories.


Our photos from the halls of BMW Group Classic deliver take you closer to the history of the brand.

[Photos: Bimmertoday]