This BMW Z4 M comes with all you need in a track car – great engine, near perfect weight distribution, sharp steering and handling. And we might add, plenty of room for aftermarket modifications. The BMW Z4 M is a perfect choice for owners that like to have track performance any time they need it, but at the same time a great daily driver.

The BMW Z4 M was available as either a two seat convertible or coupe. Even to this date, the BMW Z4 M Coupe is considered one of the most BMWs ever built, and one equally fun to drive

Blacked Out Track Ready BMW Z4 Build

Powered by a slightly detuned S54B32 from the E46 M3 (315HP vs 333HP), the Z4 M Coupe was capable of lighting fast sprints to 60 MPH but its strong suit was on a road course. The short wheelbase provided crisp handling and the inline 6 provided enough power to force the rear end to come around on command.

Acceleration to 60 mph (96 km/h) comes in 4.8 seconds. (0-62 mph / 100 km/h is 5.0) and top speed is limited electronically to 156 mph (251 km/h).

This BMW Z4 M was at European Auto Source where it received several aftermarket modifications – Macht Schnell Headers, Macht Schnell Air Intake, ESS Flash Tune and Rogue Engineering Exhaust.

To add an aggressive note to the vehicle as well, the tuning shop installed the full Arkym Carbon Fiber Aero including a front splitter, rear diffuser, and trunk spoiler.

Blacked Out Track Ready BMW Z4 Build

To be safe on the track, this owner requested that a Sparco Ergo GRP Tec Racing Seat be fitted in his car. The Rgo seat is the newest model to join the Sparco lineup. Combined with a removable DTC head protections system, the Ergo isn’t only light-weight but strong and rigid.

The seats feature non-slip fabric in the shoulders and lower cushion provide maximum grip. The Ergo also has an anatomic lower cushion and backrest with high breathability fabric for added comfort. A perfect choice for the road and track, giving the owner plenty of control and a great drivers feeling.

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Blacked Out Track Ready BMW Z4 Build