The EPA and California Air Resources Board approved the sale of the new 2016 BMW X5 diesel. Last month, the Spartanburg plant decided to put a temporary hold on the BMW X5 xDrive35d production for the American market. American customers who have ordered a BMW X5 xDrive35d were advised by U.S. dealers to expect a delay.

“All MY2016 BMW X5 underwent some minor technical updates that required new emissions testing,” said Rebecca Kiehne – BMW North America Product & Technical Communications Spokesperson. “Due to testing logistics the certification will be finished by the end of the year on the diesel variant,”  Kiehne said at the time.


After government testing found no evidence of software to evade emissions standards, the 2016 BMW X5 xDrive35d will be available to U.S. customers once again.

EPA spokeswoman Laura Allen said Thursday that the agency — along with California and Canada — was doing additional testing before approving new diesel vehicles. “Our screening tests found no evidence of a defeat device in the 2016 BMW X5,” she said.

The BMW SUV and GM pickups were the only non-VW 2016 diesel vehicles awaiting certification. The new EPA review came weeks after the VW dieselgate.

BMW says diesels accounted for 5.9 percent, or 20,178, of 2014 U.S. vehicle sales.

[Source: Automotive News]