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BMW recalls model year 2009-2013 X5 xDrive 35d diesels

BMW of North America is recalling approximately 33,000 model-year 2009-13 BMW X5 xDrive35d Sports Activity Vehicles. According to the recall by NHTSA and BMW, the engine idler pulley bolt may loosen over time and break, which could…

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EPA: Greenlight in the US for BMW diesels

The top US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has cleared BMW of the suspicion of illegally manipulating the exhaust technology of the models sold in the US . “We examined the BMW products very thoroughly and…

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Motor Trend drives the BMW X5 xDrive35d

Americans aren’t too keen on diesel engines. We just aren’t big fans unless they’re massive, coal-rolling, hillbilly-driven pickup trucks. Which is unfortunate, because there are some really great diesel-powered cars being sold in Europe that…

BMW diesels to stay in US as long as demand remains

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The End of an Era? The BMW X5 xDrive35d

To support the lavish lifestyle of a part-time car blogger, I spend more time than I care to admit traveling by air, hither and yon, as part of my day gig. Thus, the annual car…

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BMW X5 xDrive35d upgraded with M Performance Parts

After defecting to Porsche for a couple of years, Chris Marino has returned to Century West BMW. Marino, as many BMWBLOG readers may recall, had a penchant for utilizing the BMW Individual Program and creating…

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What’s Your Two-Car BMW Dream Garage?

As car enthusiasts, we all do it. We day dream about which cars would be in our garage if suddenly, money wasn’t an option. If you suddenly won the lottery or created the next Pokemon Go,…