BMW offers the M3 and M4 in a variety of different colors, from the classic Alpine White and Sapphire Black, to the new Austin Yellow and Yas Marina Blue. But sometimes, customers crave to stand out even more and they often resort to ordering special colors from the BMW Individual Program. Those exclusive paint jobs come with a hefty price – $5000 – which is likely to put off others.

So what options one has left? A popular choice is a high-quality film wrap which can mimic a factory paint job without breaking the bank.


Take for example this Midnight Blue film installed by Wrap Workz on a BMW M4 Coupe. The blue metallic “paint” gives the car a unique look without taking away the beauty of the car’s design. We even dare to say that it actually accentuates the lines, giving the M4 both a more premium and sportier look.


But this Midnight Blue BMW M4 has more than just a wrap. It also comes with BMW M Performance Parts – carbon fiber front spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser, rear trunk spoiler.


The shoes have been swapped out as well for a set of custom ones designed by ADV1 in matte gold which seems to be the perfect complement for the dark color of the body.