We just recently interviewed BMW representatives about the M Performance parts available for the M2 while at the SEMA auto show. During that interview, we also spoke about the M Performance parts available for the BMW M4. Much of them are the same, or very similar, but there are some interesting differences.

Tell us about the rebranding, new logo.

We have a couple of new products which are more dynamic. We have the big wing, the adjustable suspension. These are all products with carbon fiber that go more into the sporty dynamics and we wanted to highlight this with a new logo. All of these new products reflect what we want to do and the new logo reflects that.

BMW M4 through-flow high trunk spoiler-SEMA-6

Technical details on M4 suspension.

It’s a coilover kit, most of the customers will have the adaptive suspension. So we just have a coilover kit that allow customers to adjust the height while retaining the adaptive damper technology. Also, there’s a different bump stop so that it will keep the stock adaptive dampers working at the optimal capacity for the longest possible time. We want to retain warranty and longevity is what we’re focused on.

Is it similar to the M4 GTS?

No, the M4 GTS is more similar to the M2 because it’s adjustable in terms of bump and rebound and this one is not because it uses the electronic adjustable damper system.

Technical details on M4 exhaust system.

Nothing new, it’s the same from launch. We can’t do it better. We got great feedback on this exhaust system.

New trunk spoiler – how much does it weigh? Does it work with trunk kick feature? Will the M3 get one?

It’s fully made out of carbon fiber, even the feet are made out of carbon fiber. It shouldn’t be used without the front splitter, as just one would de-balance the car. It was designed by the same designer that did the stock M4, so it’s a perfect shape for the car.

BMW M4 through-flow high trunk spoiler-SEMA-9

The trunk kick feature does not work. The carbon fiber interferes with radio signals, so the spoiler reduces the functionality of the feature.