At the SEMA auto show, we saw many new M Performance parts available for many new BMWs. To discuss these new upgrades, we recently sat down with Stefan Weiss, the Product Manager for M Performance Parts, Jake Mooney Accessory Specialist for Exterior, M Performance and Motorsport to talk about M Performance Parts for the BMW M2.

What are the technical specs on the M2 exhaust system?

The material is going to be stainless steel and you will be able to choose between carbon fiber tips and titanium tips. But the construction will be stainless steel for cost reasons. The tips will also be interchangeable between M3 and M4 exhaust systems. There will be no power gains with an axle-back exhaust because the turbocharged engine will compensate to create the same amount of torque. It would be different with a naturally-aspirated engine, but not with the turbocharged engine.


Details on the M2 suspension?

There will be the ability to lower the suspension form 5mm to 25mm and it will come with recommendations from BMW for track use and for road use. The plan for next year is to have BMW’s development driver test the are on various tracks, like Watkins Glenn and Road Atlanta, to give exact recommendations for each track.

We are also working on corrosion resistance and use non-touching springs so that the corrosion protections stays in tact. We also use side load springs to increase durability and prolong the life of the shocks. The springs and shocks will also come with a 4 year/50,000 mile warranty which is longer than anything you’ll get from aftermarket manufacturers.

Any power kit planed for the M2?

No. In general, with M cars, no. We did add the competition package to the M5 and M6, but those are the outliers. Generally, we don’t add power kits to M cars.

4. Are the front bumper winglets and and rear wheel winglets functional?

The front ones, yes, and the rear ones add downforce and stability, but it’s marginal. In general, we’re not going to create air elements that will upset the balance of the car. They’re all functional in some respect, which is why we’ll say that you can only pair a front splitter with the rear spoiler so you don’t upset the balance of the car. There’s no purely cosmetic aero element on an M vehicle. They all serve a purpose, some more than others.


You mentioned a front splitter, will one to be offered on the M2?

No. At the moment, there are no plans for a front splitter.

Will the performance stripes be an option?

Yes, they’ll be an option.

Will there be a brake package available for the M2?

No. Not yet planned.

Will M Performance seats be available for the M2? 

We have no plans. In general, from the feedback on the market, we would only sell a few. The customer is better off going and buying Recaro, especially if they’re moving safety systems, like seatbelts.

Will the M2 get a Performance steering wheel? Will it be the same as the M4? 

Yes, but the carbon fiber is adapted to the interior of the M2, dry carbon, which is the same trim finisher as in the stock M2.

Any plans for the steering wheel with LEDs?

No specific plans for the M2, but the M3 and M4 LED light steering wheel should fit on the M2.