At the 2015 SEMA, BMW North America had one of their biggest display of M Performance Parts in the history of the popular aftermarket show. Along with the BMW M2 M Performance Parts and the M4 M Performance Parts, BMW also showcased the new top 3 Series model – the 340i – and its line of M Performance Parts.

To learn more about the new parts and what’s in store for the M Performance line, we sat down with Stefan Weiss – Product Manager for M Performance Parts and Jake Mooney Accessory Specialist – M Performance and Motorsport.


According to the BMW folks, the M Performance Power Kit – MPPK – will arrive this December and will give the 340i around 355 horsepower, 360 hp in Europe. The torque increase will give the 340i 370 lb-ft of torque or 500Nm. The stock model makes 330 lb-ft of torque, 450 Nm. Mooney says those are initial figures and BMW will confirm those before market launch.

BMW says the MMPK is bundled with the M Performance Exhaust System with flaps. “You need to recode the ECU, so now you have the best interaction between the ECU and the flap system,” Weiss said. “When we need the higher power, the flap is open, but also remap the ECU to get the higher torque demand. So now the engine knows – I need higher torque – and we open the flaps in parallel. When you’re Sport mode, it will always be opened.”


Weiss says there are two ways to increase power – intake more air or reduce back pressure allowing for faster air exit. While the N55 engine relied on the air intake for more power gains, the B58 unit takes advantage of the exhaust system to reduce back pressure and allow the air to exit faster.

Additionally, the 340i – with 8-speed automatic and manual – will get a new Limited Slip Differential, which should help significantly if you plan to track the car.

More details about the BMW 340i M Performance Parts will be unveiled in the upcoming weeks.