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BMW i, Rumors | October 28th, 2015 by 13
BMW i5 crossover 750x500

In a recent interview, BMW CEO Harald Krüger confirmed the development of a new BMW i electric car. The model is likely to be called …

In a recent interview, BMW CEO Harald Krüger confirmed the development of a new BMW i electric car. The model is likely to be called BMW i5 and the assumption is that it will be a crossover sedan with some design elements from the i3 and i5. A large battery pack in the underfloor ensures that the BMW i5 will sit somewhat higher than the i3, but not at the level of an SUV. “The new BMW i model will be larger than the BMW i3, that’s all I will say for now,” Krueger said. “We want to expand our e-mobility offering to accelerate the transition towards electric vehicles. Today, many buyers still decide against buying an electric car; demand is still low overall.”

Likely to arrive in 2017 or 2018, the BMW i5 has been rendered here by Theophilus Chin who used elements from the BMW i8 linked with the Nissan IDS Concept. While in no shape and form this is an indication where BMW is heading with the i5, the rendering offers some clues where the journey could go.

BMW i5 crossover 750x450

With the increased dimensions also comes a new side profile with a four-door layout and hatchback shape. The front fascia takes most of the cues from the i8 – sleek headlights, shark nose and oversized curtains. The large greenhouse also allows for more light inside the car and likely a better driving experience.

BMW plans to increase the range of the i3 in 2016 with a new battery pack – the range is likely to be go over 100 miles on electric power – so we believe a future i5 could make a significant jump in electric range to around 200 miles.

BMW is under pressure as rivals roll out new vehicles in attempt to beat the carmaker in annual sales. Tesla is also preparing two new exciting electric cars: an SUV, Model X, and a 3 Series competitor, Model 3 in 2017.

13 responses to “BMW i5 Crossover Rendered”

  1. Daniel Johnson says:

    Oh god, please no. A 5-series sedan/wagon with design cues from the i-brand sounds good, but I sure hope it doesn’t look like this.

    • Senne says:

      It won’t. This is just another ridiculous and useless rendering. The front is i8 the rest is some Nissan?? I don’t see the usefulness of making a rendering and only take a couple of cars and combine it. That never gives a good result. A good rendering should only have similarities like L-shaped rear lights (but different from any other, because BMW never uses the exact same light units), Hofmeister Kink, Kidney grill (again, not the same as the i8, but different) and so on. So don’t panic: the i5 (if it’s going to be called like that) will not look like this at all!

  2. Chris says:

    200 miles for the i5? I bed it will be 500 km minimum.

  3. Chris Llana says:

    Not much imagination in the render. The Nissan IDS concept:

  4. Jørgen Mo says:

    Haha, worst render ever? How long did it take, 5 mins?

  5. Michael Christopher Frazier IV says:

    let this be a good lesson to follow in the future… just because the jpeg exists, doesn’t mean the jpeg should be posted.

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