The new BMW M2 is taking the automotive world by storm at the moment. Turn anywhere on the internet or in any car magazine and you’ll see at least one article on the BMW M2. It makes sense, why it’s so hyped, as the M2 is the successor to the beloved 1 Series M and possibly the spiritual successor to the E46 BMW M3. So naturally, everyone’s excited.

With all of this excitement, you’d think that most people know almost everything there is to know about the M2. But if you don’t, there are a few key things you need to know, top up your pub knowledge when having a fe beers with buddies.

5. It sounds better than the M4: The BMW M4 is a fantastic machine, but it has garnered some criticism over its slight lack of passion. Much of that passion, or lack thereof, has to do with the sound. The M4 doesn’t sound all that exciting. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t have the blood-curdling metallic wail of older M cars. The M2 however, is said to have a much better sound, with all of the pops and crackles on upshifts that we’ve come to live.


4. There are very few options: One thing the M2 will not be is luxurious. The only options are for the transmission, the stereo, navigation and colors, really. It’s a very spartan car and that’s done intentionally. The BMW M2 will be a pure driving car without any superfluous frills. So no M2s will come with super fancy gizmos and gadgets. If you like your gadgets, the M2 isn’t for you.


3. It lets you record your laps: The BMW M2 is designed to be driven on the track for at least a portion of its life. While the M2 isn’t the first BMW to use this new app, it’s likely to be the car to utilize it most. With BMW’s new GoPro app, you can connect your GoPro camera to the car wirelessly and record your laps using the iDrive system to control it. This allows track nuts covet the M2, as it helps them save all of their hot laps and not so hot laps.


2. There will be no GTS variant: Obviously, it’s almost impossible to say that any BMW would never happen, as the Bavarians claim that if there’s a strong enough demand for any kind of BWM, it will happen. However, the BMW M2 will be built in limited numbers at a small production facility and it’s unlikely BMW will make a hardcore GTS version of it, despite the popularity of the new M4 GTS. While such a car would make enthusiasts very happy, it’s not likely to come to fruition, despite rumors.


1. It’s still available with a manual: Almost all of the BMW M2’s competitors have ditched the three-pedal gearbox altogether. The Audi RS3 and Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG are both automatic only, so the BMW M2’s manual gearbox is something of a revelation to auto enthusiasts. BMW is one of the few companies that still offers manuals if most of its cars and that will remain true for M cars as long as its possible. An excellent DCT gearbox is available, but in a car that’s as small and as fun as the M2, a manual gearbox is almost necessary. Just the availability of a third pedal gives the M2 more enthusiast-cred than the RS3 or CLA45 AMG has.


[Source: Top Gear]