The BMW M4 has taken some criticism since its debut, fairly or unfairly, for the fact that it isn’t as pure or connected as its predecessors. It is true, due to turbocharging and the switch to electric power-steering, that the new M4 isn’t the purest M car of all time. But that doesn’t make it bad or even worse than its predecessors. It just makes the M4 different.

In this video, by Wheels Australia, the two hosts decide to find out if the brand new BMW M4 has what it takes to stack up against the ultimate expression of what the M3 Coupe used to be — the E46 BMW M3 CSL.


The video starts out with the first host driving the CSL. It brings back all of the reasons why we love the CSL instantly. The look, the speed and, most of all, the noise. The wailing sound of the 3.2 liter naturally aspirated straight-six engine is the stuff of legends. It just sounds so fantastic and reminds us what we’ve been missing since the turbocharged I6s arrived. The CSL isn’t as fast as the M4, nor does it have the grip and sophistication of it, but it most definitely has more character. Or does it?

Auston Yellow BMW M4 Featuring Vossen Wheels

When the second host starts driving the M4, it’s instantly recognizable just how much more modern it is. The look, the size and the lack of noise. But that doesn’t mean the M4 is boring. Quite the contrary actually. It’s a fire-spitting monster. The 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged I6 makes 425 hp, which is 70 more than the CSL. But it’s the 406 lb-ft of torque, or 133 more than the CSL, that make it such a missile. The M4 is considerably faster than the E46 CSL and is the definitive burnout king of the two. But it’s also more sophisticated and comfortable and is easier to drive. It’s the classier killer of the two. If the CSL is Jason Bourne, the M4 is James Bond.

The two drivers decide to switch cars and drive the others to see what the other driver is on about. They both pour admiration for each others cars, as driving both offers a new perspective on them. The CSL driver can appreciate the power and torque bump along with the better interior and far superior gearbox of the M4. While the M4 driver can appreciate the wonderful sound and connected feel of the CSL. Each car is excellent in its own way, so it basically comes down to preference. In the end of the video, both drivers choose which one to they like best. To find out which they choose, check the video out. Even if it’s only to hear the CSL, which I wouldn’t blame you for.