The E92 M3 is shaping up to be a BMW classic. It had also been deemed a heathen by the M3 community, because of its use of a V8 instead of a straight-six. It’s the last naturally aspirated M3 engine likely to ever be built. Back in April, we wrote an article on the top 5 reasons why the E92 M3 is a must buy.

Today, a Youtube video highlights five reasons why we all love the E92 M3, including the aforementioned V8 which is a thing of beauty, with its 8,250 rpm redline, instantaneous throttle response and howling exhaust note, and also the handling and driving dynamics.

LeMans Blue BMW E92 M3 Gets Modified At European Auto Source

With the new M2 just around the corner, BMW enthusiasts will have a touch choice to make: buying the latest and supposedly great M2 (with its 3.0 liter turbo engine) or the E92 M3 with the glorious V8 naturally-aspirated engine. Both cars will likely sell for a similar price.

Let’s have a look at the five reasons why the E92 M3 is everyone’s darling.