We recently just spoke about which BMWs might become future classics. One of the BMWs was talked about was the E92 M3. This was the last M3 to have a naturally aspirated engine, the only M3 to have a V8 and the last M3 to ever be a coupe. So this might very well become a highly sought after car for collectors many years down the road. So the idea is to buy one now, at a reasonable price and have it be worth much more in several years to come.

Well, if that article inspired you to want an E92 M3, which to be honest is something everyone wants already anyway because it’s awesome, then this may be the right car for you. This 2011 BMW M3 Coupe is the perfect E92 M3 for someone wanting to collect. It only has 8,000 miles on it, is in a color that is highly sought after and comes with a manual. In years to come, people will be lining up to pay top dollar for a car like this.


This particular model comes in Le Mans Blue, one of BMW M’s most famous colors. It also wears a Silverstone two-tone leather interior which, in contrast with the Le Mans Blue paint job, looks fantastic. The car is spotless and has only had one owner, as it should be with only 8,000 miles on it. Plus it comes with a manual, which should be a very desirable option for collectors, as who knows how long manuals will be offered in M3s.


This model is under fifty grand, costing $48,775, which is around $30,000 less than the comparable F82 M4, so it’s already a bargain right there. But factor in that this car might be worth quite a bit more than that in several years, if kept in this condition. Plus with only 8,000 miles, you can drive it quite a bit before it gets out of collector’s desired mileage. This way, you can enjoy your investment a bit, because the E92 M3 is sensational to drive, especially in Le Mans Blue with a six-speed. See it here.