We always talk about how watches and cars pair together so perfectly. And it’s true, watches and cars are a great pairing. But we’ve never really discussed which watches work with which cars. Certain cars have a certain style or theme and the same can be said for watches, pairing two up that have a similar theme makes the bond that much better.

So let’s look at some watches that work perfectly with some BMWs.

BMW M3/Omega Speedmaster

The new M3 may be vastly different from the original, but the idea of the car, to give superb performance in a small sedan package, along with the historic nameplate have stayed the same. The same can be said for the Speedmaster. The movement has been slightly updated, but it’s still the original hand wound movement found in the original that went to the Moon, back in the ‘60s. Both the M3 and Speedmaster broke boundaries, the Speedmaster being the first watch to the Moon and the M3 being the first small super saloon. And both have extreme duality, a mix sport and luxury, being able to tackle a racetrack and show up to a country club later on.

BMW 2 Series/Seiko Diver SKX007

Okay, maybe I’m a bit biased on this one, as I have that watch. But both have many similarities in their scope, and I realized this during my test of the M235i. Both are affordable versions of respected brands, both are tough and sporty and both are a throwback to a bygone generation. The 2 Series harkens back to a time when small, fun performance was the most important aspect of a BMW. While the Seiko Diver harkens back to a time when watches served as tools as well as a luxury item.

BMW 7 Series/ Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin 1907

The new 7 Series is a technological tour de force and the flagship BMW. The Master Ultra Thin 1907 is actually quite the opposite, in terms of technology, but is also a flagship for Jaeger LeCoultre, one of greatest watch brands in the world. The 7 Series shows the best of what BMW can do and is the most prestigious car in its lineup. The Ultra Thin 1907 shows the incredible ingenuity of Jaeger LeCoultre, by being one of the world’s thinnest manually wound watch in the world. Both are gorgeous and understated, both are prestigious and both are very expensive flagships.

BMW M6/Breitling Navitimer

The M6 is BMW’s greatest grand tourer and its most classic one as well. The Navitimer was designed for pilots. So both were created for long journeys and both do so in style and luxury. They both have a wonderful sense of adventure and excitement. They’re also both very versatile, as they can both be sporty and useful but when the activities are over, they can both dress up for black tie events. Plus, they both look elegant and aggressive and are good at it, something that’s difficult to do, especially for watches.

BMW M5/Rolex Daytona

This is a simple pairing of two very classic things. The BMW M5 is arguably the first M car (as the M1 was barely available to the public) and the Daytona is arguably the first true racing inspired watch. Both have understated good looks, both are capable on and off a race track and both have classic names. It almost seems like the perfect pairing, like they were made for each other.