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Watches & Cars: Sell Your Rolex with Bob's Watches

Watches & Cars: Sell Your Rolex with Bob’s Watches

We’ve long been advocates for pre-owned watches. In fact, whenever I talk to a friend or family member looking to buy a watch, I always recommend buying second-hand. That’s because you can typically get large…

Watches & Cars: Interview with Tom Pozsgay, Head of the Watch Department at WP Diamonds

Watches & Cars: NOMOS Tangomat Datum

If you’re a regular to this site, you’d already know that we appreciate watches almost as much as we appreciate cars. A fine mechanical timepiece can be just as enjoyable to own as a fine…

Watches & Cars: IWC Pilot's Chronograph

Watches & Cars: IWC Pilot’s Chronograph

Aeronautics and automotive have always gone together well. Remember the Saab commercials, where they were compared to fighter jets? The ads were nonsense but they captured the hearts of many buyers who felt that their…