Just last week, Chris Marino, General Sales Manager of Century West BMW in Los Angeles, told BMWBLOG that “more unique models will follow in the future.”

Well, that didn’t take long.

Marino again has produced the only one of its kind: a Dakar Yellow, 2014 BMW M5 Competition Package with carbon ceramic brakes. Or at least to our knowledge. When talking about BMW Motorsport products, specifically this M5, Marino explains it in pragmatic terms: “The irony is that the M5 is more powerful, practical and comfortable than other luxury sedans that cost much more. Additionally, BMW’s warranty, for this super sedan, is unparalleled in the industry. It’s really difficult for some to attach ‘value proposition’ to the M5, but it truly is the best sports sedan you can buy.”


The sheer voracity of any dealership to attempt these motorsport schemes is indicative of the job that Marino and Century West BMW have done to distinguish themselves in the Los Angeles landscape. “We are surrounded by BMW dealerships in Southern California. Most owners and management of these dealerships wouldn’t dare to go (this far) out of the box in the ordering of a vehicle—and I really can relate and understand that philosophy. These aren’t cars for everyone.” Century West BMW is considered a ‘destination dealership’ as a result of their not being located on a strip-mall/ or “mile of cars”. According to Marino, this operational-disadvantage is one he has been parlaying, in part, with his ordering schemes.


“Century West BMW is dedicated towards brand-propagation and what better way to do this than pay homage in the way of one-off vehicles in Motorsport livery,” says Marino.

What’s next? Marino will only hint at the color telling BMWBLOG to “think amphibian”.

We’re waiting.