Things are starting to heat up as we near the Geneva International Motor Show. Many automakers will be debuting their latest and greatest, trying desperately to one-up each other. One car maker that is choosing to do a little nose-thumbing at its competition is Cadillac.

Cadillac will be debuting its new CTS-V and ATS-V at the Geneva Motor Show and decided to take a little road trip, before finally stopping in Geneva, to do some trolling. Before Cadillac gets to Switzerland, it made various stops throughout Germany, at each German carmakers’ headquarters to take some pictures. Each picture, posted to Twitter, is of either a CTS-V or an ATS-V at one of the big German carmakers’ headquarters, with some sort of witty caption.

First stop was at BMW’s M Division, obviously, and parked next to an Austin Yellow Metallic M3 is a Black Cadillac CTS-V. I think the CTS-V is going to be a good car, but that grill looks a bit too blingy to be taken seriously next to the M3. At least they were kind enough to leave donuts.

Next stop was at the Audi Sport building, with the same CTS-V. Cadillac gives Audi a back-handed compliment on the sign and building, and claims it to be the ‘Cadillac’ of buildings. If they’re referring to the lack of cars in the window, then yes it would be the Cadillac of buildings. But that’s where the similarities end, because the R8 seen in the window is far more advanced than anything Cadillac produces.

After Audi, Cadillac heads to Mercedes-Benz AMG to speak a little German with a nice, polite ‘Guten Tag’. However, Caddy decided to use an ATS-V coupe this time. Not a smart choice, as the Mercedes on the sign behind, is an AMG GT which looks fantastic and the ATS-V…well does not. Aggressive, yes and maybe even cool. But it looks like a Pug next to the AMG GT.

Now jokes aside, this is a bit of good fun. I like that Cadillac is taking some shots at its German rivals. It shows a cheeky, fun side to Cadillac that seemed to have been missing for the past, oh I don’t know, six decades or so. Hopefully the Germans will do some trolling of their own when the New York International Auto Show comes up.

[Source: Jalopnik]