With BMW having, essentially, every possible niche segment filled to some extent, it isn’t surprising that here are rumors of an X2 Sports Activity Coupe in the works. There aren’t any test mules or any official information, aside from BMW registering the trademark for the X2 name, and it isn’t greenlit for production yet either, but it is a possibility.

What would basically be a three-door version of the new F48 X1, the X2 is rumored to have more aggressive, coupe styling, angular headlights and larger kidney grills. Being that it would be based on the X1 FWD platform and most likely have a smaller body and tighter suspension, the X2 would almost be like a big hot hatch.

The rumored powertrain options are the typical three and four-cylinder engines such as the 1.5 liter, turbocharged three-banger and the 2.0 liter, turbocharged four. These engines will provide a punchy yet fuel efficient SAV experience. One of those engines would be mated to an 8-Speed automatic and send power to either the front or all of the wheels. That sounds like the recipe for quite the fun little SAC.

The issue that many may have with the X2, is the lack of necessity. With already two SACs in the BMW lineup, the X6 and the X4, is there really a need for an X2? It would completely round out the lineup and give each coupe model its own SAC. But does BMW really need it?

Many believe the X1 already fits the bill and the X2 would just muddy the waters. I’m not saying that the X2 wouldn’t be a good car, because a three-door SAC would actually be quite interesting. It’s just not different enough from the X1 to be worth making and marketing the car could be a challenge.

A source within the company says that the X2 has yet to be approved for production, and it remains unknown if it will indeed come to life. This is just a rumor at the moment without a second source corroborating the info.