In a recent Wall Street Journal article, it has been revealed that Apple, the iPhone juggernaut, is working on a car project called “Titan”. It was only matter of time, to be honest, as Steve Jobs rumored an iCar quite some time ago.

This isn’t just some technology testing project for Apple, either. It’s said to have 1,000 people working on a car from the ground up. This Titan project car will be an all-electric, autonomous car primed to take Google’s own self-driving car. The idea is to create high-def mapping, fast recharging and autonomous driving technology, the actual car is the easy part. The autonomous software is the real project Apple is working on.

This is a ballsy move by Apple, as there are many car companies at the moment who have some sort of autonomous technology and who’ve been in the game for much longer. So the fact that the folks at Apple seem to think that they can do better says something.

Not only are there multiple car companies that make autonomous cars but even more that make electric cars. The fact that Apple thinks it can take on its own Silicon Valley neighbor, Tesla, is a dizzying idea. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Tesla beat Apple to the punch, with an autonomous car of its own.

This Apple car is quite a long way off, as Apple is looking toward the future of the technology. But it seems farfetched to me that a technology company like Apple will be able to build a superior product than Tesla or BMW, two companies at the top of their electric and autonomous game.

We will have to wait and see.