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Baidu and BMW To Launch First Self-Driving Car On Chinese Roads

BMW: The Ultimate Autonomous Driving Machine?

BMW’s slogan for as long as I can remember has been “The Ultimate Driving Machine.” In many ways, BMW has stayed true to this slogan, sans a short hiatus. Even today, it’s extremely difficult to…

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Autonomous Driving: Coming In Small Doses

Autonomous driving seems to be the big craze at the moment. Every automaker is scrambling to get their own autonomous technology, even if it’s just basically a fancy cruise control. Tesla has their own version,…

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Watch a self-drifting BMW vs. a drift champion

BMW pits their self-driving 2 Series Coupe against Formula Drift Champion Dai Yoshihara. Back in 2014, BMW has shown a version of its forthcoming M235i coupe at the 2014 CES show which is capable of…