If you ask anyone who knows cars to describe an M car, they’d all say the same things; fast, light, simple and pure. The BMW M6 Gran Coupe can only be described by one of those adjectives — fast. The M6 GC is a very different kind of M car, but that doesn’t make it bad. In fact it’s magnificent.

In the last episode of Top Gear, the three gents take powerful, modern GT cars to the Australian Outback to test the merits of modern luxury/sports cars in incredibly harsh conditions. Jeremy Clarkson decided that his car would be an M6 GC.

Many proclaim that the M6 is too big, too luxurious to be a proper M car. However, Clarkson seems to think otherwise. “With this car, M cars are back, they’re properly back!” Said Clarkson.


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Watching the new Top Gear was a treat and the M6 GC was the reason why. It looked spectacular, flying through the outback, drifting through dirt covered hair bends, with that gloriously styled body covered in dirt and dust. It was also able to handle the extreme conditions of the Outback without batting so much as an eyelid.

The episode was also one of the best in a very long time, filled with some great cars, good adventure and funny as ever. But it was the M6 GC that stole the show for me.


Yes, the M6 GC isn’t the purest M car, but it’s a new style of M car and I absolutely adore it. The GC is the epitome of fantastic overindulgence. It looks breathtaking, sounds excellent, and drives incredibly. What more could you possibly ask from an M?

The M6 GC is something I covet dearly, and thanks to Jeremy, Richard and James’ most recent adventure, I’m left dreaming of owning one.