The latest BMW 3 Series has taken the premium market by storm. From the daily drivers, all the way to the high-performance M3 models, the F30 3 Series is more car than many customers would need. In fact, even with the slowing down of BMW sales in the North American markets, the 3 Series still remains one of the highest selling models for the Bavarian car maker.

This is all possible, thanks to the appealing combination of quality, performance, pricing and design, which makes the 3 Series an appealing product. Now add the fuel economy garnered from a diesel powered 3 Series and you have a perfect sedan for your daily driver.

But some customers would like to take their 3er to a new level and this is where aftermarket parts come in.

BMW F30 328d Build By European Auto Source 1 750x468

European Auto Source is providing us with an introduction to what a cool diesel bimmer could look like. While they may not have the same growl from the exhaust system as some petrol variants, they do offer lots of power and torque in a package that is easy on the fuel consumption also.

BMW F30 328d Build By European Auto Source 2 750x468

For this Titanium Silver exterior finished BMW 328d, the tuning shop has prepared a bevy of aftermarket parts. The 48 mpg capable 3 Series now sits low, thanks to a set of KW Suspension update. The KW V1 Coilovers add both driving performance and a lowered, sporty stance. Additionally, the M Performance front lip, side skirts, trunk spoiler and kidney grilles further accentuate the exterior looks of the vehicle.

BMW F30 328d Build By European Auto Source

Furthermore, the 328d also gets a carbon fiber front spoiler from the M Accessories catalog and a carbon fiber trunk lip.

Check out our photo gallery below for more cool photos.

BMW F30 328d Build By European Auto Source

BMW F30 328d Build By European Auto Source