Photo Comparison: 2015 BMW X6 vs. 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLE

BMW X6 | December 10th, 2014 by 29
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Mercedes-Benz GLE comes to market to compete now with the second generation BMW X6. At the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, Mercedes GLE Coupe celebrates its world premiere and makes no effort to conceal similarities with the X6. The first photos show the Stuttgart SUV-coupe in the new AMG sports version with future models planned for a later release.

Mercedes-Benz GLE

The two German luxury off-roaders with coupe-like roofline are similar, although the design details show they belong to their respective brands’ design language. The design of the GLE follows the lines of a Sports Activity Coupe with a slopping roof and muscular wheel arches. At the front, the strips of chrome and the iconic logo remind us this is a high-end Mercedes while also following the design language of their recent models.

Bild Vergleich BMW X6 F16 Mercedes GLE Coupe SUV 2014 02 750x750

The rectangular, three large lower air intakes and the headlights fit in with Benz’ latest styling language. The taillights are similar to those on the S-Class, sleek and wrapped around the stocky rear-end.

Inside the cabin the GLE stands out with a high-level of luxury and craftsmanship, combined with a sporty design.

Bild Vergleich BMW X6 F16 Mercedes GLE Coupe SUV 2014 06 750x562


It is indisputable that the F16 BMW X6 is an evolution of the E71 X6, with a design that doesn’t deviate from the proven formula. The new X6 is more masculine than ever, wider, slightly larger and meaner than ever. The front-end simply dominates the road and if you add the M Sport Package to the deal, the aggressiveness of the car becomes obvious.

The cabin is significantly more luxurious than its predecessor, with premium materials and design lines that differentiate the X6 not only from the previous model, but also from the new F15 X5.


To compare the two cars from all angles, we put together a photo comparison. Please click through our gallery below and let us know which car you like best.

[Photos: Bimmertoday]

29 responses to “Photo Comparison: 2015 BMW X6 vs. 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLE”

  1. jitorres4 says:

    Even though Mercedes has stepped up its game regarding interiors lately (at least with the S and C classes), I say the X6 beats this new GLE Coupe inside and out.

  2. mrjones11 says:

    What a pig ugly thing Mercedes have turned out. Anyone who’d choose that over a new X6 needs their eyes tested. It looks like a hot wheels A-Class some kid squeezed in his dad’s vice !

  3. Mike N. says:

    I don’t hate the “I just stuck an iPad on the dash” trend for navigation screens as much as some, but Mercedes’ implementation in this car, with the two dumbo ear AC vents on either side, is just straight up hideous. I mean, they did a decent job on the new C-Class, so they know how to do it right. The BMW center stack is much more coherent (I felt the same when I was cross shopping ML and X5, and ended up getting an X5, last year).

    • Otto says:

      Ok, let’s make it short.
      The ML/GL/GLE classes are primarily design for the NA markets, where they are assembled; EU models are imported from there.
      NA customers and designers seem to favour an upper display in between the air vents.
      EU customers like it with air vents underneath the screen. BMW, Audi and some others EU makes keep it “EU style”, unlike Japanese premium makes.
      Sooooo, all the MBs primarily designed for the NA markets get “ear” vents.

  4. FRED says:

    even though the copy from MB, the X6 seems much better…

  5. Rokie888 says:

    Benz Badge will sell. don’t like the D pillar proportion, unlike the X6 (D pillar makes the car sporty look, but horrible rear visibility…)think the GLE has better rear visibility, but not much…

    GLE is 192.9 inches long, 78.9 inches wide and 68.1 inches tall.
    X6(F16): 193.3/78.3/67. GLE is wider and taller. GLE has more powerful engines too, well…like every other MB… if they price the GLE right it can get some X6 buyers for sure…

  6. It is evident Mercedes has benchmarked even the BMW design. The X6 is classy and sleek, the new GLE its unclassy hardcopy with a central control panel (display plus vent outlets) that seems to have been sourced from a light commercial vehicle.

  7. It is shocking how similar the GLE’s proportions are to the X6. I actually don’t mind the GLE’s looks, as I’m a fan of Mercedes’ current design language. While the new X6 is definitely better looks than the previous model, I still find it to be a bit too busy and kinda lumpy lookin’. However, the interior is where the X6 takes it for me. I agree with Horatiu in that I kinda like the GLE’s interior, but it’s just too boring. The interior should match the excitement level of the exterior on a car like this and the X6’s does for me, especially the M Sport Line.

  8. George G. Berberashvili says:

    You should learn from your competitor, but never copy. Copy and you die.

  9. CDspeed says:

    The biggest thing I don’t like about the GLE is the front end with the AMG sport pack. The grill, lights, and lower facia are the same as half a dozen of their other models. The back end of the Mercedes looks good, the side windows tapering toward the back is a great touch. But overall, the X6 is more sofisticated, the X6’s interior is beautifully designed. Wheras the GLE’s interior looks like it was designed by a person who used to design children’s sneakers. In fact if there was a Nike logo painted down the side of the GLE I wouldn’t be surprised. The GLE looks cheap, and the X6 looks like a well tailored machine.

  10. Backla_Jean says:

    I actually like the looks of the Benz even I am not a SUV fan. The BMW looks good though but what I don’t like about it is that the front of the new X6 looks exactly the same as the front of the new X5. I liked the previous generations more, they had a more standalone look. The BMW interior is top notch of course.

  11. Saeed says:

    Shamelessly copy

  12. Roland Renno says:

    Not bad for a copy version. The GLE looks nice front- and rear-ends wise (though not better than the X6’s).


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