For a car that’s been a fan darling ever since it was introduced, the BMW 135i has certainly aged reasonably well. Often scrutinize, the E87 1 Series has been seen its fair share of battles over the design and proportions. But the 135i Coupe found a home in the heart of the enthusiasts, and to this date it has been one of the most fun to drive BMWs.

Despite aging well, certain telltale signs of old age are starting to show. So in order to improve its looks a bit, some owners decided to rely on aftermarket modifications. Just as seen on this project.

BMW 135i On Vossen CVT Wheels 1 750x499

For the most part, this car certainly doesn’t need a lot to be brought back to relevance. With a set of appropriately chosen aftermarket wheels, the job is half way done. The owner of this 135i Coupe decided to fit his car with a set of Vossen CVT wheels.

BMW 135i On Vossen CVT Wheels 8 750x499

A true rarity in the industry due to its intricate construction, investment and overall development, the Vossen CVT is a considerable step forward in Vossen’s already interesting line-up. The brand new approach results in a directional wheel design. The right and left wheel sets are directional in different paths, creating the need for a cast mold for each of the wheels. As a result, the wheels on the driver and passenger side of the vehicle twist towards the same direction.

BMW 135i On Vossen CVT Wheels

Vossen Wheels did a photoshoot showcasing this BMW 135i with their CVT wheels installed. The photoshoot perfectly showcases the directional wheel design and fitment on this vehicle, and you can take a detailed look on these right below in the gallery we’ve added.

BMW 135i On Vossen CVT Wheels