BMW 135i

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The Last of the (Mostly) Analog Cars

The aged amateur racers were all in their places, coffee at hand, and mostly wide awake. The question was posed, “when will we see the first serious professional race driver that has not learned to…

Video: Hoovie buys another BMW, a N54 135i Coupe this time

BMW 135i On Vossen CVT Wheels

For a car that’s been a fan darling ever since it was introduced, the BMW 135i has certainly aged reasonably well. Often scrutinize, the E87 1 Series has been seen its fair share of battles…

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Rachel and her love for the BMW 135i

Rachel is one of those millions of BMW fans that fell in love with the brand and her passion for the Roundel reminds us how unique the BMW community is. “My love for BMW is…