If you are lurking around the internet trying to find the best aftermarket suspension parts for your new BMW F8X, then you will appreciate this. Precision Sport Industries gathered their M cars together and did a comparison for different suspension setups.

BMW M3 and M4 have been around for some time, providing the car crazed culture with more than enough figures, specs and every other metric possible to show you how well these vehicles perform. While definitely useful, the stats don’t provide a clear picture about how lowering a vehicle can improve your ride.

MG 0821 as Smart Object 1 750x499

Thanks to PSI, this is now taken care o. In this photoshoot, you will find a Mineral White F80 M3 with stock suspension and no spacers (for now). There is a also a Sakhir Orange F82 M4 with BC Racing Coil Overs (prototype setup). And then there’s the Austin Yellow F80 M3 with H&R Sport Springs (F80 Specific) with 15mm spacers all around.

The Sakhir Orange M4 clearly is the most lowered of the bunch, provided with a set of custom wheels, it does look incredibly well. On the other hand, a stock Austin Yellow M3 isn’t that far off concerning height, a reasonable solution for anyone not considering lowering their car that much. As far as the Mineral White goes, this is the medium setting that most owners will appreciate and opt for, provided they want to go with a set of lowering springs – not coilovers that is.

MG 0850 as Smart Object 1 750x499

It’s more of a personal preference than anything else with these cars. Both these three height settings will sooth different styles and drivers perfectly. It’s all up to you to decide how much and when do you want to drop your BMW M3 or M4. For a clear view of the lowering done and a comparison between the aftermarket suspension, head down below.

BMW F8X Lowering Showcase

BMW F8X Lowering Showcase

BMW F8X Lowering Showcase