If you are looking for a compact, premium convertible seating four, your decision should almost come down to two cabriolets from Bavaria: the new BMW 2 Series Convertible and still very young Audi A3 Cabriolet. Both models compete for the same customer and at a first glance over a very similar package.

Furthermore, both lines come with a top, super sporty model: the BMW M235i from the 2 Series Convertible family and the Audi S3 Cabrio from the A3 line-up.

While the Munich-based cabriolet runs on the dynamic rear-wheel drive architecture, the respective Ingolstadt-based offering drives the wheels via a front-wheel drive platform. Both cars can also be ordered with an all-wheel drive configuration.

Bild Vergleich BMW 2er F23 M235i Audi S3 Cabrio 2014 02 750x750

The dimensions of the two cabriolets are remarkably similar: the 2 Series Cabrio is 1.1 centimeters longer while the wheelbase is also 3 centimeters longer. The Audi holds just under 2 centimeters more width and 4 millimeters less height.

When looking specifically at the top offerings, the M235i and S3, and their performance, the BMW compact convertible runs from 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 5.0 to 5.2 seconds, depending on the transmission, while the Audi S3 reports a standard sprint of 5.4 seconds with the all-wheel drive Quattro.

Bild Vergleich BMW 2er F23 M235i Audi S3 Cabrio 2014 04 750x750

Price wise, the two are also very similar, 48,900 euros for the M235i and 49,470 euros for the S3.

The Audi S3 Cabrio, however, comes with the S-tronic standard, while the M235i customers need to pay for the optional eight-speed automatic.

Here is a visual comparison of the two cars: