InsideEVs brings an update to the BMW i3 production of the US market. According to the data supplied by BMW dealership ordering system, the i3 REx sold in great numbers than the i3 BEV. The ratio was 3:2 in favor of the REx at some point.

Yet in July, the all-electric i3 clearly outpaced the range-extender i3 and August forecasting data shows that the trend will continue.

The Leipzig factory has produced 5,500 i3s for the US market so far this year out of which about 1,500 i3s have been delivered to customers so fa. Another 1,500 are likely in transit. With a little math, we conclude that about 2,000 vehicles are unsold inventory.

bmw-i3-tatra-603-9 has also reported a similar figure.

To speed up sales, BMW North America has introduced this month a sales support program for the i3 with higher residuals and better rates.

July was the busiest month on record, and the factory in Leipzig sent 1,200 i3s to US shores in a span of five weeks.

On a separate topic, US production volume for the i8 hybrid sportscar has increased to about 100 units per month.