If you ever thought about the engineering, testing and fitment process for an aftermarket exhaust system then you will definitely appreciate the showcase we have before you now. Akrapovic is one of the most popular aftermarket exhaust companies out there. The behind the scenes footage of them developing an exhaust system for the brand new BMW F82 M4 is something that all of us can really soak in.

As explained in the video below, most of the Akrapovic final testing is done by their team during the night. This allows their engineers and quality testing employees to fully grasp the different sounds the exhaust system is creating. Making sure everything fits, sounds good and provides an upgrade over the stock system is paramount to their success.

Akrapovic F8X M3_M4 Slip On Exhaust System-image

This also means that every possible aspect of fitment and looks will also be analyzed in detail, providing the utmost perfection achieved within their products headed for BMW M4s and their owners.

Take a look at what goes on, how the testing is done and what is part of creating an aftermarket exhaust system. Without a single doubt in my mind, they will provide a nice alternative to the stock exhaust system, which sounds a bit quaint and civilized.