At the 2014 Moscow Auto Show, the Munich-based automaker will unveil their new F15 BMW X5 Security Plus and now we have the first official photos of the armored version of the luxury SUV.

As seen here, the X5 Security Plus was put through “intensive testing”, in this case heavy rounds of ammunition of different calibers.

The armored SUV meets the requirements of the protection level VR6, which can successfully resist to Ammo Type 7.62 x 51 mm NATO from a distance of 10 meters. The highest protection level, VR7, is only awarded to the BMW 7 Series High Security F03 model.


The F15 BMW X5 Security Plus went through some changes to comply with the requirements of a high security vehicle. For example, the windows have been replaced with bulletproof ones and inside numerous additional controls was installed to perform various special functions.

It’s constructed of high-strength steel and is capable of protecting four occupants from an assault by AK47 machine guns. The seams are backed by sealed joints which prevent bullet fragments from sneaking past, and the windows are made from a polycarbonate material which can also handle attacks from blunt weapons.




BMW has worked to refine the chassis, brakes and engine management so that it handles the extra weight from the security features.

Exactly like all other series-production BMWs, the security models take place in the usual long-term tests in hot and cold weather.

The BMW X5 Security Plus, like all other X5 modes, are built at the Spartanburg plant. Additional special requests can be retrofitted in the specialized armor BMW plant in Toluca Mexico.

[Source: Bimmertoday]