BMW Group’s first electric vehicle was launched in 2009. The MINI E trial, along with the BMW ActiveE, was the foundation of the recently launched BMW i3. More than 1,800 people and organizations applied to be part of the field trial of 450 MINI Es.

With the launch of the new MINI F56, the plans of a production electric MINI are alive within BMW Group. Brand manager Peter Schwarzbauer said for German media that electrifying future MINI models are part of the strategy: “It fits perfectly with the brand, and I am convinced that we will offer a suitable solution.”


Underpinning the third-gen MINI is a new BMW-engineered platform called UKL1. It will be used to underpin the entire new Mini range, as well as a suite of new front-wheel-drive BMWs. The platform will be available in various different wheelbase lengths and track widths. It will support all-wheel drive and various hybrid and electric drivetrains.

It remains unknown what MINI variant would be electrified, but the larger Clubman is a prime candidate.