In 2010 BMW introduced the sixth-generation 5 Series Touring or Sports Wagon as known on this side of the pond. Unfortunately for those of us living in North America, the beautiful and classy 5 Series Touring was replaced by the 5 Gran Turismo and there is little hope that we will see a new full size touring here until the next generation hits the market.

With its classy yet aggressive lines, the 5 Series Touring has quickly become a great seller for BMW in Europe and when equipped with the M-Sport Package, the sportiness of the bigger 5 Series stands out even more.

In standard form the 5er Touring is offered with a wide range of exterior colors, both metallic and non-metallic. Occasionally a matte BMW Individual paint can be seen. But for those that are looking to spend less than 5,000 dollars or euros for the special color treatment an alternative can be found in the art of wrapping the car in a special foil.


German wrappers Schwaben Folia are giving the F11 5 Series an interesting color choice: Cherry Red with a matte finish. The foil was applied to the entire car, including door sills and door handles. The overall look is enhanced by the roof and its black brushed steel foil.

It remains unknown what the price for this “paint job” is, but we’re ready to bet that it’s lower than the $5K advertised by BMW for special colors.

[Source: Autoevolution]