Limited Edition BMW M3 Tiger for China

BMW M3 | August 10th, 2010 by 9
BMW M3 GTS Wallpaper 321 750x500

BMW continues to celebrated the 25th anniversary of its M3 with the launch of a new limited edition model available for the Chinese market. Dubbed …

BMW continues to celebrated the 25th anniversary of its M3 with the launch of a new limited edition model available for the Chinese market. Dubbed M3 Tiger, commemorating the current Year of the Tiger in China, the new limited edition M3 will feature the Fire Orange Metallic paintwork already seen on the M3 GTS model.

In addition to the unique exterior with numerous black accents, the M3 Tiger sports 359M styling wheels in 19 inches, black painted as the air intakes on the bonnet. Other blacked out parts include the kidney grills and chrome exhaust tips.

Inside, the limited M3 Tiger will feature Novilla black leather with contrasting orange stitching and the headrests will be branded with an unique tiger head logo. To differentiate even further from other limited edition M3s, the door sill plates will also illustrate a Tiger Edition Logo in fire orange metallic color.

BMW M3 GTS Wallpaper 321 655x436

Only 250 units will be available to order, pricing and photos will be revealed shortly.

[Source: BimmerToday ]

9 responses to “Limited Edition BMW M3 Tiger for China”

  1. 1mc says:

    Sounds like it’s going to be a real beauty and likely to make a few M3 fans in other territories jealous! That colour scheme is well sought after, especially after the M3 GTS came out.

    Always nice to see our manufacturers in the West bridge cultural gaps with small tokens like this too – lets people in Asia know we’re not all bigots and that not all think that our media Corp. is an education or represents any version of reality of their life. We can appreciate their culture and even market our products towards their market in reference to it. Very nice indeed.

    All we need now is a Big Mac M3, with a super sized cup on the headrests for the US market! Or a Burberry M3 with a pram on the headrests for us here in the UK!

  2. BIMMER1 says:

    Yay…another boring “special” version that isn’t special at all aside from the color and trim. I think BMW must be taking lessons from Lambo on how to market their “special” editions which are really just the same car and nothing special at all.

    Another thing that makes no sense, you offer only 25 cars in the “Special edition frozen gray paint with crappy looking red seat inserts” for the US. Then come the 25 frozen black SA models, which at least get a AC Schnitzer exhaust pipe, intake manifold and a revised engine management system so they are somewhat special in that regrad, plus they look a lot better without the ugly red seat inserts. Then you decide to sell 250 of these not so special Tiger Editions (don’t get me started on the name) to a country that doesn’t buy many cars. Less than 1% of China’s population has a car. Over 80% of Americans have a car. Who the hell is working in BMW’s product development/marketing dept. And don’t give me this China is a growing market crap. They still don’t equate to anything when it comes to auto sales, other than the fact that they pay 30% over cost compared to most places.

  3. 1mc says:

    Again, another cultural reality warp thanks to a few random and frankly wrong statistics. Chinese car ownership is around 6%. If you’ve spent any amount of time in China you’ll be very aware of rising middle class and their love for luxury cars, esp. 5er. The 6% figure itself is severely misleading due to the massive difference between city and rural ownership.

    I’ve seen more M3’s in a 2 week business trip over two cities in China recently than I have in the past 2 or 3 years in the UK. 250 of these M3s will sell out in no time.

    China is a growing market and thankfully for shareholders, directors aren’t thinking like Bimmer1! Tiger edition is the perfect name for a car that’s about celebrating the year of the Tiger. Also, don’t forget, how things sound in English, and how they sound in Chinese are very different. Our cool, is not their cool – you can’t understand their market unless you’re able to come at these things from different angles and with an open mind.

    Besides, what’s more boring that not releasing special editions. Maybe we should all be driving around in our Alpine white Bimmers. That wouldn’t be boring at all!

    Some people just need to complain about something I guess.

    • Bimmer1 says:

      I’m sure the car will sell out. What I’m saying is, Aside from the name and color there’s nothing special about it. And my feelings are that the color should have been left exclusive to the M3 GTS. Making that car what it really is. By using the color on other cars, it kind of takes away from that aspect. The e46 CSL was special. Not this car. This is a money making scheme, and it is sure to make money. I just hate the fact that BMW seems to be following everyone else’s lead in marketing and design direction. Hell, The new 5/7 look like a Lexus LS, especially the rear end. I never though I’d say that a bimmer looked that a Toyota. WTF, after all those years we have to have chrome trim everywhere now and hexagon dual exhaust outlets that aren’t even real, just trim!!! BMW may be about to miss the boat. We’ll see, I hope not.

      • Bimmer1 says:

        …and also that BMW has to learn to cater to their biggest market, the US. They always say we don’t get the special editions b/c of our gov. standards here. Well duh, then go build a car that meets them and is still a truely unique vehicle so it will be something special. Sure, China is a market that is exploding. But anything you sell here you can sell there. So they could just sell the same car both places. Hell, you can burn tires in the street in most places in china and people would come over and hang out because the air would be cleaner by the tire.

  4. This M3 is nice and hot. I like the color of this M3 on the picture. There are only several rides that fit this color and it surely fit well on the M3. Besides having hot specs inside, this M3 proves that it is also unbeatable on the outside.

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