2010 BMW X6 M gets more thumbs up

BMW X6 M | June 1st, 2010 by 0
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BMW X6 M is one of these new products that have generated both positive and negative reaction from the BMW consumers and understanding the idea …

BMW X6 M is one of these new products that have generated both positive and negative reaction from the BMW consumers and understanding the idea behind the X6 M has been one of our goals ever since its unveiling last summer. The reviews of the X6 M have been contradictory at times, and while some journalists feel “hurt” by the xDrive M SAV, there are plenty others that are impressed with its qualities.

Our own test drive took place on track at Road America and we concluded the review with the following sentences:

“So let’s check our findings against BMW’s definition of the X6 M: agility – checked, dynamics – checked, response – checked, feedback – almost checked.

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YES, in our opinion and based on what we heard from other journalists, the BMW X6 M is a true Motorsport vehicle and even the purist BMW fans should be proud to have the opportunity to experience something different without fearing that it diminishes the M brand. In the end, a successful car company should always be searching for new segments to tap in or simply, to create new ones.”

Last week, Detroit News took their turn at reviewing the X6 M and some bits from their article can be found below.

“BMW refers to the X6 as a sports activity coupe but that has always felt disingenuous. The vehicle has more doors (five) than seats (four), and its gangly body makes it look like a lunar rover. The X6 seems to have an identity crisis.

But after a day of driving the X6 M, I realized you just can’t spell Adam’s Apple with an M. Looks aren’t everything; even in today’s hyper-shallow world.

Somewhere south of Saginaw, I was well over the suggested speed along Interstate 75. It was pouring rain and there were semi trucks in the left and right lanes in front of me.

Splitting big rigs on the edges of three lanes is never fun. Add to that the blinding wall of water both kicked back, and I thought I might be trapped behind them all the way to Grand Blanc.

But then I tapped the aluminum paddle shifter twice, dropping the X6 M into fourth gear, and it roared with laughter — pulling all 555 horsepower from its 4.4-liter twin turbocharged V-8. I was through the crease faster than Barry Sanders.

The acceleration above 70 mph is fantastic. BMW includes a new twin scroll twin turbos with a crossover exhaust manifold, which obviously sounds very important. The result is a clean, efficient power boost that launches this vehicle whenever you want to. Who doesn’t want 500 pound-feet of delicious torque at his or her beck and call? People who don’t drive M’s, that’s who.”

And the iDrive system gets thumbs up as well:

After testing a series of BMW’s this year, I am starting to take a more German approach to the iDrive. Americans are just stupid.

Please don’t be offended by that if you are not the brightest LED in the headlamp, but there’s an owner’s manual in the glove box and not everything good in life needs to be figured out in three minutes with the lights off. The iDrive provides lots of function. It’s easy to operate and lets you keep your hand on the wheel while you’re doing it.

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