Update: We’re a few hours into our trip and so far, the X5d performs as we expected, smooth ride, comfortable but still powerful enough  us. The three of us managed to setup a wireless connection in our car, from a 3G phone and we’re sharing the connection to post updates, stream video and other cool things. We’re going to have some photos up soon and we’re working a live video feed so you can come with us.

The diesel engine sounds great and even my passengers are impressed with it, even though they are ridding for the first time in a BMW diesel. MPG has been around 25.2, so close to the advertised numbers. We’re enjoying the fact that the diesel gallon is cheaper than gas, so we’re coming up on top.

As far as interior space, plenty for three dudes equipped with computer gears and some duffel bags. We also enjoy the panoramic sunroof in this great 80F weather. That’s it for now, we’ll be back soon with updates!

So the moment we have been waiting and planned for months: a team of three BMWBLOG people will take the new BMW X5 xDrive35d back to its roots, meaning, all the way to the BMW plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The idea behind this trip is to fully test the new BMW diesel engines and be able to give an accurate report on the advertised MPG numbers.

So, we will document the trip from the beginning until we reach the final point of destination and will accurately report all the findings as we go. We’re going to stop in different cities on our route, take some new photos and even shoot a few short videos. We’re going to make this trip fun and at the same time, taking you with us, even if it’s virtual.

We will check in a few times a day, so expect from us some short summaries, experiences and of course, a review of the BMW X5 diesel.

For those of you interested in more real time updates, you can follow us on Twitter twitter.com/bmwblog, we will constantly tweet there and upload photos. Facebook fan, we didn’t forget about you, our facebook.com/bmwblog will consists of many photos uploaded from our phones, so if you’re not our friend there yet, go ahead and request us.

Bottom line, we’re going to use all the newest, possible communications platforms to connect with you and we hope you will take advantage of that and most important, we hope you will enjoy this new experiment.

For those of you wondering what we’re actually doing at the Spartanburg plant, well….surprise again, but I promise I will reveal everything on Monday and Tuesday comes, we will do something really really cool…. That’s it for now, we’re getting ready to head out and put the X5 diesel through some fun driving.

We would like to thank BMW North America for allowing us to borrow the X5d and also for setting up the trip to the Spartanburg Plant. Thank you all in the BMW Communications team.