BMW 5 Series vs Mercedes-Benz E-Class vs Audi A6 — Photo Comparison

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Now that we’ve seen the new BMW G30 5 Series, we can stop speculating as to whether or not it’s going to look better than …

Now that we’ve seen the new BMW G30 5 Series, we can stop speculating as to whether or not it’s going to look better than its competitors. It’s here, so we can properly judge it back-to-back with its main German rivals. Chief of which is the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, a car that many felt was untouchable, in terms of design, by BMW. There’s also the Audi A6¬†which, despite being on its last legs, still looks quite handsome. So how does the brand-spanking new BMW 5 Series take on its rivals from Germany? Let’s find out.

Straight away, the odd man out in this comparison is the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. While the BMW 5 Series and Audi A6 both have looks that try and blend performance and sportiness with luxury and elegance. While the E-Class seems to be more focused on old-world luxury. And that’s fine, it has its own place in the market and nails its intended objective. But the 5er and the A6 are clearly the sportier looking cars.

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From the front, in this humble man’s opinion, it’s the BMW 5 Series that looks best, with the Audi A6 a close second and the E-Class a distant third. The reason being is that both the 5 Series and A6 are more visually exciting up front. The E-Class is a bit staid, though it is intentionally so. So that’s not a knock against Merc’s styling department but a matter of subjective opinion. But the new 5er, with its wide headlights and aggressive front fascia, is the looker of the bunch.

In profile, the BMW is still the better looking car, but I think the Merc takes the Audi here. While the Audi A6 is a fine looking car, from the side it’s hard to distinguish it from any other big Volkswagen product. You could tell someone that the A6 is a VW Passat or Skoda Superb from the side and they’d probably believe you. The E-Class is a very smooth and luxurious looking car in profile. Where its front-end is boring, that conservatism creates a simple, yet handsome overall profile. The 5 Series is by far the best looking, though. Its shoulder line is so crisp it looks like a perfectly fitting dress on a supermodel. The way that aforementioned shoulder line meets with the front wheel arch is perfection.

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Inside, it gets very close. The new 5 Series has an excellent interior, but so does the E-Class and A6. The Audi A6 does have a very attractive interior and is still built with extreme precision and quality, but it’s getting a bit old now and we’ve seen it far too much before. The Mercedes E-Class has a very good looking, very luxurious and very supple cabin. However, its a bit too ‘old man’ for our tastes. It’s made very well and looks nice, but it’s too old-fashioned. The 5 Series’ cabin looks great. It’s sharp, driver-oriented and still luxurious. It’s also packed with incredible tech.

That’s a hat trick for the Bimmer, taking both of its competitors in all three categories. Admittedly, it’s the newest and we’re just seeing it now, so we still could be in the honeymoon phase with it. Also, the Audi A6 has the unfortunate disadvantage of being significantly older than either of the other two. Father time is undefeated and the A6 is another one of its victims. So, even though it may just be excitement over a new model, we feel that the 5 Series is the best looking car in its segment.

32 responses to “BMW 5 Series vs Mercedes-Benz E-Class vs Audi A6 — Photo Comparison”

  1. Giom says:

    You know, I believe that because of the sheer number of unique personalities and tastes out there, there simply can not be a winner or looser here. I’m just happy that I still enjoy what BMW produces. I can honestly say that I enjoy every aspect of the G30 more than I do any of the others, though I do see the beauty in the E class and maybe a little in the A6.

    It’s the opposite in the interiors tho, I really dislike the E interior, like the A6 interior but personally prefer the G30. Am I biased? I don’t think so, we’re not all meant to be the same. To each his own.

  2. Jones Bassey says:

    Every dog has it’s day and to every man his choice, that you can change, we all have choices that’s what business the manufacturers keep in mind, in my humble opinion the brands are all perfect choices for the public

  3. Maxime Durez says:

    The second photo comparing the rears of the 5 series and the E-class.. That’s a picture of a C-class I’m afraid.

  4. Johan says:

    The picture of the Mercedes seen from the rear is actually a C-class. The E-class with AMG pack does not have painted diffusor, nor the jacks for the air in the rear bumper… :-)

  5. Nicola Franzoso says:

    The new 5 make a big step ahead.

    • Fred Lubkins says:

      It’s actually a big step back. Though the F10 was also a crap, it was still way better than this new idiotism called G30.

  6. Rad Dockery says:

    Bimmer and Benz interiors have a totally different concept. I like the E’s interior better. Like the 5’s exterior. the A6 looks much better in person.

  7. raleedy says:

    Of course these are individual, subjective matters of taste. I find there are too many “character lines” on the side — especially the long horizontal one down at the bottom, swept up behind the front wheel well. I’m also not a fan of the headlight cover extensions inward to meet the grille. Inside, I’m disappointed at the lack of innovation over other models using the navi display that is “aufgesetzt” (stuck on). Here I think MB does a better job with the broad expanse of digital display. On a less subjective note: the F10 5-series (I had one for three years), while a lovely car, was simply too big. The G30? Bigger. That is not an improvement. Glad I replaced my 5 with a 2!

  8. Fritz says:

    Audi must really be the most boring premium brand in the world.

  9. TheBingoBalls says:

    That 3D Hoffmeister kink alone wins it for the 5er.

  10. Senne says:

    Why even bother with the A6. It’s just an expensive VW/Skoda. If you want sportiness yet luxury: BMW 5 Series (or any BMW for that matter). If you want sheer luxury: Mercedes E-Class (or any Mercedes…). That’s the way it was, is and always will be. Audi shouldn’t even be compared with the 2 real premium brands being BMW and Mercedes.

    • Lel says:

      Porsche 911 is just expensive VW GARBUS!!@!!1@!1221211221
      Yes. Your talking about skoda/Vw and audi is same stupid boy. :D hahhahh

      • Senne says:

        Porsche is nothing like a VW. It’s a proper premium sports car brand. Unlike Audi that shares A LOT of everything with the everyday VW; interior and exterior design, engines, suspension and so on and so on. = Overpriced VW. Yes an RS6 is a bit more different. But still. Just like I said it’s not a real premium brand. It’s a wanna be. They don’t even have 1 RWD car.

        • Ua says:

          They dont need RWD with guattro which is first and the best…audi is (successfully) targeting business and normal people and who doesnt want image of BMW created by hardcore fans like you…and btw some of the Porsche SUVs are built on audi platforms…

    • Patrick Morgan says:

      BMW has nothing in common with luxury. Nor it is the best in sportiness. Mercedes-Benz is the best of all worlds. All bmws are rubbish.

      • Senne says:

        Are you serious??? You can’t possibly say that BMW has nothing in common with luxury. That’s just bullshit. Mercedes is nowhere near as sporty as BMW. And it doesn’t need to. They are not meant to be very sporty. Most Mercedes drivers don’t care about that. BMW is always the sportiest of the two but has a great balans between sportiness and luxury. That’s a fact and everyone knows that. Mercedes is a great premium brand but it’s not for people that like sporty driving cars. It just isn’t. BUT they have become sportier over the last years (but even AMG’s still have softer suspension). Just as BMW has become more and more luxurious the past say 20 years. All facts. If you would give me some bullshit answer I will just ignore it. But just think about what I said and try not to be ignorant. Thanks.

        • Patrick Morgan says:

          What is bullshit? The fact that bmw hasn’t changed anything in their car interior starting from 1970s? Just compare over time, and you’ll see. Step into any Mercedes-Benz, and you immediately realize why you pay premium over other cars. I can’t say it for bmw, since it’s apparent that even the VW Golf has a better interior than even the latest 7 series. And the driving experience… Ho smoothly Mercedes-Benz glides over imperfections. Even an A-Class drives more smoothly than the latest shit called 7 series. Got it, stupid moron?

        • Fred Gordon says:

          You’re either ill or drunk, my friend. Even the 7 series looks like a $20,000 car at most. No luxury, no exclusivity and no quality whatsoever. Have you ever heard which car is considere the best car in the world in the automotive world? It is the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and not your useless crap called 7 series.

  11. Patrick Morgan says:

    I’m just astonished how some idiots dare to compare the rubbish 5 series to the E-Class. Starting from the interior to the driving experience the E-Class is head and shoulders above that crap called 5 series. It’s just enough to look at the interiors, and one can easily understand that bmw has been the same from 1970s, while Mercedes-Benz constantly takes their interior to another level. OMG, BMW simply looks like rubbish (it is rubbish).

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