Rendering: BMW 4 Series Gran Tourer

Rumors | February 4th, 2014 by 6

Photoshop artist Theophilus Chin shows us what a BMW 4 Series Gran Tourer would look like. The idea of a new 4 Series model is …

Photoshop artist Theophilus Chin shows us what a BMW 4 Series Gran Tourer would look like. The idea of a new 4 Series model is only being unofficially entertained because Mercedes-Benz is offering a similar premium product. The CLS Shooting Brak and CLA Shooting Brake.

But if BMW decides to add one more midsize premium product, the their entire 3 and 4 Series family will consist of seven members: F30 3 Series Sedan, F34 3 GT, F31 3 Series Touring, F32 4 Series Coupe, F33 4 Series Convertible, F36 4 Series Gran Coupe, and the aforementioned 4 Gran Tourer.

Rendering: BMW 4 Series Gran Tourer

The question we would all pose is whether BMW really needs another niche product that will only create confusion among buyers and would barely fit between any existing products.

The attractive 3 Series Touring is one of the most sought 3 Series vehicles on the Old Continent. Based on its design, space and volume, the 3 Series Touring fits the bill for many customers looking for a product with those characteristics.

Despite having a lifestyle demographic in sight, we believe a 4 Series Gran Tourer is not something we would see in the foreseeable future. But that doesn’t stop us from enjoying a fairly realistic rendering.


  • John

    There’s a mistake in the article. You can buy a 3 series touring in NA. It’s not a “european-only affair”.

    • Horatiu B.

      Right. Sorry. Was thinking 5 Series.

  • Tom

    Shooting brake?

  • Mike Laci

    If they actually go forward with this (and the 4 Gran Coupe) BMW will have officially lost sight of any rational marketing and design strategy in the pursuit of Mercedes-Benz. The Mercedes CLS and CLA Shooting Brakes are significantly different enough from their “C” and “E” and even “CL” Class designs that they can justify marketing these vehicles. Aesthetically, BMW’s attempt at a 4-series GranCoupe and GranCoupe Tourer is no more than a 3-series (GT or Touring) with a slightly modified Hofmeister Kink. BMW should not be diluting the 4-Series or their entire line with another 4-door coupe variant. Adrian needs to get a grip on his designers and strategy. BMW does not need to compete 1:1 with Mercedes-Benz.

    • Horatiu B.

      Yeah, you’re right, but I’m sure the pressure comes from the board.

      • Mike Laci

        Agree, the board is the source of the pressure and the ultimate decision makers, but IMHO, Adrian & Co., need to get more creative with design and differentiating these models.