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G82 BMW M4 with M Performance Parts looks intriguing

Very few enthusiasts have seen the G82 BMW M4 and thought: “It’s nice but it’s just not aggressive enough looking.” The new M4, with its massive grille, sharp headlights, hood bulges, and flared wheel arches,…

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2023 BMW M4 CSL getting close to launch time

One of the anniversary BMW M models in 2022 for the brand’s 50th anniversary is the BMW M4 CSL based on the G82 generation. The flagship M4 model has been spotted on public roads since…

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VIDEO: Is the BMW M4 Manual Better Than Competition?

For some enthusiasts, there’s just no replacement for a manual transmissions. As good as modern automatics get, many enthusiasts would still take even a mediocre manual over them. The new BMW M3 and M4 are…

BMW M4 GTS up for sale will cost you an eye-watering 119,999 euros