BMW X5 xDrive40d and X6 40d only available for the European market

BMW X5 | January 13th, 2010 by 36
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When started as a rumor back in December, it has now been confirmed by several sources close to BMW: the European market will see two …

When started as a rumor back in December, it has now been confirmed by several sources close to BMW: the European market will see two additional models in the X5 and X6 line-up. BMW X5 xDrive40d and X6 xDrive40d will be available in Europe starting in Spring.

The BMW X5 E70 LCI (facelift) will include the xDrive40d model powered by the same 3.0-liter engine found in the 740d. The engine delivers 300 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque (600Nm).

The engine is matted to the more powerful and fuel efficient 8-speed ZF automatic transmission. The idea behind this new naming convention is to showcase a smaller, powerful, fuel efficient and low CO2 emission engine that would give the large 4-5 liter diesel engines from Mercedes and Audi, a run for their money.

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One of the reasons why the new models diesel models are not yet available in the U.S. market, revolves around the U.S. emission standards compliance in all 50 states. If the strong diesel sales continue in the U.S., especially in the X models market (1 out of 3 X5s in December were diesels), then we see BMW taking a closer look at introducing the bigger, more powerful engine, but let’s keep that at the speculations level.

The BMW X5 xDrive40d and X6 40d will make their debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

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  1. Soofdawg says:

    It’s a no brainer for BMW to bring these to the U.S. Just a matter of time.

  2. Ronald says:

    Horatiu, Great article. I have been waiting months for this! (please correct your article – “it has not been confirmed by several sources”, i believe u meant it HAS been confirmed).

    I look forward to seeing what the performance improvement will be, and what the fuel efficiency will be. I also wonder how driving a 8 speed gearbox would be?! How can it get to 60mph faster if it has to change gears twice? strange.

  3. Alexander L says:

    I think 40d will replace 35d, it doesn’t make any sense to offer 3 closely related alternatives. By the way, there is already a third and smaller version of 30d in some markets adjusted to avoid gas guzzler taxes.
    Audi sell 3.0 TDI Clean Diesel edition in Europe with clean diesel technologies developed for the US market, if 35d survive in Europe I think it will be with the “clean” motor developed for the US market.

  4. Ronald says:

    Alexander, BMWBLOG states “2 additional models”. Not sure if this is a mistype or they would sell the 35d and the 40d next to each other. I doubt it though. i think the 40d will replace the 35d.

  5. Ronald says:

    A tuners stated that the 40d engine can be tuned to 380+ HP and 800+ NM of torque.

  6. T. says:

    The current engine in the US X5 xDrive35d is the only BMW Diesel that is 50 state compliable. To make any other BMW diesel engine compliable will involve extensive engineering and expense. The X5 xDrive35d remains the only diesel models in the US. Diesel is still seen as an experiment and the economic climate has extended the programme before comitting to the redevelopment of existing engines and additional models . The X5 xDrive 40d is due this Spring as is an X6 xDrive 40d , The upcoming Tri-Turbo Diesel will be launched at the IAA 2011 and will be designated as X5/X6 xDrive45d and will be fitted in the 5er , 7er and eventually the 6er. To signify the term “Performance Diesel” the car will get a unique aerodynamic kit to identify the 45d from it’s regular diesel bretheren..

    • Ronald says:

      T., Are u making an intelligent guess about this x45d release for IAA 2011? Or is this a fact you have uncovered?

    • DCBMW says:

      T. states: “The X5 xDrive 40d is due this Spring as is an X6 xDrive 40d”

      It’s spring now, and the X5 40d is NOT available and cannot be ordered. There is no published, authoritative schedule for its release in the U.S. Only the UK and Europe.

      Clearly T’s statement was only only a guess.

  7. Frederik says:

    Are you sure the tri-turbo diesel will only be presented in 2011 next year?

    The 540d is supposed to be launched in Europe in October – November 2010

    Anyway, tonight I get to see the new 5 series in Brussels!

    @Alexander L: 3.0 diesels in Belgium are downtuned to 211 hp because there is about 2500 € less tax to pay when buying the car (approx 3750 $)

  8. Robert says:

    Please BMW, bring a 540d model to the US!!!

  9. Asim Ali says:

    What about the TT engine from the X-6 5.0?/ Is it replacing the 4.8 in the
    2011 X-5??

  10. e92law says:

    Any update on the LCI release?

  11. Calvin Tang says:

    Sorry for the last comment, I was having troubles logging in.

    So, how does this information affect the rumors for a facelift this Spring? Are we still going to see a new front and rear end w/ LED, etc? new interior?

    I’d really like to know the timing of the rumored facelifted vehicles’ arrival, because I’m set to take delivery of a 2010 X5d next week!

    • ronald says:

      Calvin Tang, As stated above it will be released in Spring. So arounf march\ April. But if you are taking delivery already next week, it is too late for you to cancel your order isnt it?

  12. e92law says:

    Same here!! Currently on order with no confirmed build date. Any word on timing? Last I heard was that the factory would be closing in March. Any news?

    • ronald says:

      e92law, I have never heard of the factory closing in March. Normally it closes in August for holidays. If it is true that it is closing in march, that probably means they need to change the machinery and procedures for the new models.

      where did u hear it from that they were closing in March?

  13. Calvin Tang says:

    @ Ronald, thank you for the reply. Actually, it is not too late for me, as I have up until the actual delivery to change my mind and to get my deposit back. So, do you mean that the facelift model will be arriving in Spring or that it will simply be announced in April? It makes a difference to me, as I’d wait a few months for the updated model, but not 6-9 months.



  14. e92law says:

    I have been watching the rumors on Xoutpost. Seems to be a general consensus that the factory is closing on or around March, with a release of the LCI sometime in April or May. Does anyone have additional information?

    At this point, I think timing of the LCI release is what everyone is most interested in.

  15. adbh1 says:

    my bmw x5 3.0 2007 w 57000 mi has a cracked radiator is this normal? The service people said the radiator is on back order?????

  16. maimo says:

    I cant believe BMW did away witht he dynamic model, does any body know if the will bring it back??????

  17. toi says:

    me Want to know the engine number and location BMW X6 Xdrive 40d

  18. toi says:

    me Want to know the engine number and location BMW X6 Xdrive 40d
    Help me PLZ

  19. Rick says:

    An 8 spd transmission allows you to use a numerically higher rear end gear (a so called “lower” gear) without a concomitant penalty in mpg. Performance comes about by also using “lower” gears in the first 4 cogs (as compared to a 6 spd ). This gets the rpms up quicker to bring this engine into its power band much sooner, resulting in a faster 0-60 and an overall faster vehicle. Gears 5&6 are similar to the 6 spd’s 4-5th, so you are ahead of the 6 spd already which has only one gear left. Gear 7-8 allows you to bring down or meter out that high rear end gear and rewards you with highway mileage equal to or better than the 6 spd. There is no weight penalty as BMW says its 8 spd weighs no more than the 6 spd. Software allows fast gear changes so no time is lost shifting. The two extra cogs essentially make a vehicle faster by use of aggressive gearing without having to increase engine horsepower! BMW made its “driver’s SUV” even more of a driver. It’s a huge improvement with little cost. Just wish the bigger diesel was available in the US.

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